Workshops and readings in schools

I love working in schools. I’ve done all kinds of writing workshops, with kids aged from 10-18, in schools all over the country. (I’ve even done workshops with typewriters.) I volunteered for a year with the Hackney Pirates, an after-school literacy club for kids who weren’t meeting their potential, and worked there with many children who had had a disrupted life, for whom English was a second language. I’ve done just as deep and inspiring work with pupils from privileged backgrounds, ranging from those who aspired to be writers to those who would rather be doing just about anything else!

In a one-off session with 80 visiting Dutch business undergraduates, I got the student who said he ‘hated poetry’ to write the best poem in the room, and he went away inspired. 

Whether you want a poet, someone to talk about stories, or a window into creative nonfiction — or even just a talk about creativity in general —  I’d love to come to your school. References and recommendations on request.

(picture courtesy of Tudor Hall school, Banbury, Oxon)