I can help you

Looking for a peer group, an ally, some critical feedback on your work in progress? Would deadlines help you keep your writing on track? Wish you could see the wood for the trees? 

I’ve worked with people at every stage of their writing life, and there are several ways I can help you develop your writing.

Listed here are several approaches, but if you have a specific request, just drop me a line

Critical workshop groups

My Advanced Poetry Workshops meet fortnightly at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon — one in the afternoon, one in the evening. This will suit you if you’re producing your poetry independently and are open to both giving and receiving constructive critical feedback.

It’s not whether you’re ‘good enough’ – these groups are about learning to look hard at every detail of your work, by sharing and looking at other people’s

My groups support poets writing in a variety of styles and genres. Everyone, published or unpublished, is equal, and we aim to help every member write more like themselves — not like the group! I don’t let the group rewrite people’s poems. Each group has only seven members, so you get to share your work every session.

When & where: 
3-5pm or 7-9pm in the Free Word Centre in Farringdon
three 14-week terms of seven sessions each, starting on 18 September 2019
The fee is £150 a term.

Come along on 4 Sept 2019, to hear last year’s groups read their work. See What’s On or the Facebook event page for more info! 

Get in touch for more info or to sign up.

One-to-one input from me


One-off tutorial 

I offer a detailed line-by-line reading of a group of five poems or two short stories. This is like a snapshot of your writing, so send me something representative. I’ll offer detailed comments on the work, as well as insight into what’s working well, what needs improving, and your little tics and habits I’ll make suggestions for developing your work as a whole, and for further reading and next steps. I’m  happy to work by email, by video call, or face-to-face in either London or Faversham. The fee for this is £90.

Ongoing feedback & mentoring

If you’d like deeper ongoing support I can work with you over a set period, or over a set body of material. I’ll help you spot the hidden corners in your work, so you can work to your strengths and really develop your writing. I’ll give you ‘reading prescriptions’, set writing challenges, and make suggestions about opportunities to get your work out there. I can also help you work towards a goal, or turn a body of poems into a manuscript.

Let me know if you think this might help you and I’ll give you a quote.