Links I like


108th Street, a blog on creativity

Ace Jet 170: the love of THINGS

Asbury & Asbury: another writer/designer partnership, a great blog – and just about THE best ampersand

Being Beta: the Asbury/26 connection, where copywriting and poetry collide like a Hadron

Creative Review magazine blog, great on design

Good Copy, Bad Copy: my friend Clare. Readers, I met her by hiring her, and I’m really jealous of her blog.

The Engine Room, a blog about language, journalism and media old and new

Info Marketing Blog, vintage ads and tons of info

Outlaw Design blog, useful and interesting

Unmemorable Title, a fun SEO and copywriting blog, and a guy who loves Text Pixels. What more do you want?

People I like working with

Ben Locker & Associates, a very, very clever man.

Bernard Nyman, publishing law guru

Calverts Print & Design Co-op, wonderful people. I love printers.

David Secombe beautiful photography

Doris & Bertie, friends and competition; see Good Copy, Bad Copy below

Ed Mayo, a visionary

The Energy Saving Trust blog: well, I started it…!

j-go, consultancy and training: a bit mad, very hardworking, totally great

Kate Manson, cartoonist, who drew the Text Pixel fairy.

Pretty Studio once made me the most wonderful website.

Rehan Jamil, photographer, much of whose work is featured in my portfolio

Seacourts environmental printers, more wonderful printers. Very, very green.

Sophie Gibson design, also prominent in my portfolio


the Toolbox

26, a membership organisation inspiring a greater love of words, in business and in life

43 Folders blog: Merlin Mann on just about everything in this little virtual universe of ours

Brand Republic, what it says on the tin. Brands. never be without your dictionary.

I Love typography; yeah, me too

Mashable. I know, it’s too much. But it’s the Source.

Typographica. What it says on the tin. Typography.