Workshops and training

I can help you and your organisation get better at:

  • avoiding common spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • clear English and readability (with tests)
  • structuring content to get your message across
  • writing for the web, and basic SEO writing
  • getting rid of the jargon (or: ‘what does this mean?’)
  • better proofreading
  • copy-editing: how to make your text print-ready


I offer targeted workshops and training sessions to help your team improve its written communications. Sessions are pitched towards your particular needs, or those of your individual staff members, and I can help you identify what those are.

The business of poetry

For training with a deeper strategic element, and personal development capacity.

It has been demonstrated that reading poetry increases right-brain activity and helps the brain make connections between things, think strategically, and discern what’s lying under the surface.

I offer a workshop on harnessing the power of poetry to improve your business writing. This is a fun and unusual way to focus on cutting clichés, using the five senses to get messages across, the role of metaphor, the importance of being clear and concise, and some ancient tools of persuasion.


I’m more than happy to offer more straightforward creative writing workshops for business people. I can engage your staff in a lunchtime session, half an afternoon, or a whole afternoon – leaving them refreshed, intrigued, and looking at communication and problem-solving from a new angle.

I also provide mentoring to help people improve their writing on an ongoing basis.