Over more than a decade in communications in the not-for-profit sector, I’ve written and edited, and worked with managers and others to improve, a vast array of publications, websites, and social media content. 

I learned to speak to the audience, to get your message across in the way that will reach them. I learned to measure successes in real-world impact, and to celebrate that impact in good, clear prose.

Every achievement is about people: the people who thought of it, those who delivered it, and those whose lives are improved by it.

This is also true of technical impacts. My foot in the creative camp means I can bring out your story — whether that means an advertorial piece or your annual report — while keeping all the facts straight.

My career in poetry has immeasurably strengthened my professional writing. It goes without saying that my spelling, grammar and punctuation are impeccable. I can tidy up your document, straighten its clothes and get it print-ready. I can rewrite a piece with the right keywords in it and make it natural and readable. I can also cut your words while sharpening up their meaning. I can make sure you’re actually saying what you need to say.

I’ve also written highly sensitive and even conflict-generated pieces, communicating very difficult messages and protecting reputations.

Let me help you put your mind at rest about what you’re putting out there.

I’m available for jobs from a quick proofread to a detailed structural edit, from giving your messaging a lift to the hard graft of getting your words down in the first place. I can write on-point creative content, including drafting a narrative arc.

Get in touch and tell me what you need.