Writing about what you do is what I do

Whatever your organisation does, you need to tell people about it.

Your different audiences may need different things Рa catalogue, for example, a website, or an annual report Рbut they all need one thing: a simple message (however much detail lies behind it). Whatever form your information takes, it needs to be crisp, clear, easy to read.

I’ve spent over 15 years making the message fit the audience. As a freelance writer, copywriter and editor, I create coherent and compelling narratives that turn technical data into stories, sales, funding, partners.

I also run workshops and deliver coaching and feedback to help other people write better – so if that’s what you need, I can help you achieve it. I can help you identify the areas where your team needs to improve:

  • lack of a coherent narrative (what’s your point?)
  • too many ‘ands’ and ‘of the’s’ (and other common errors)
  • repetition (or repetition)
  • jargon (all that blue-sky thinking can send you out of your box)
  • the Hand of the Committee (which word were we using for that again?)


Let me help you untangle it all. I’ve worked with large organisations and startups, schools and their students, and a wide variety of individuals.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you get your message across.