Editing & writing 

Hi. I’m an editor, writer, and copywriter.

As an editor, I work  with two types of clients. Creative writers, and everyone else.

As a copywriter, I’m a great listener, and I can bring your messaging alive for your clients and stakeholders.

Whether you’re a policy wonk, a science type, a published poet or a new novelist,  I can help you — to develop your story, to get your manuscript in order, to get it written — whatever it is.

And I’m lovely to work with.

Get in touch and tell me about it!

Workshops and mentoring

There’s no such thing as bad writing. Just writing that isn’t finished.

My advanced critical workshop for poets has been running for happy ten years now. Past members have gone on to be published for the first time, or better published, or even better published, and many are very active and well-known poets. 

I also do bespoke mentoring with individual clients who want all-round support to deepen their writing and get more work published.

In workshops and in one-to-one work I aim to be inspirational, motivational, and practical.

Drop me a line if you’d like me to work with you, your school, your writing group, or your organisation.


“Katy made writing into a joy for me”

“A methodical, thorough and extremely competent editor, often juggling many projects at once. Katy never compromised the high quality of her work” — Emma

“Smart, friendly and informed; she asks the right questions” — Chrissy

“She could take my technical ramblings and turn them into what I really wanted to say. She has the knack of editing while keeping the author’s personality absolutely intact, at least, that is what my ego would like to think. She is equally at home editing light weight public focused pieces or highly technical trade reports. She is also passionate about her work, and her enthusiasm to discuss and explore technical concepts led me to hang around the press office more than any other department in the Trust. I cannot recommend her highly enough” — Steven

 “Katy has proved quite invaluable, helping me tighten and loosen my writing, always sensitive to what can be improved, and helped my poems along the way to being published” — Gary  

“Possibly the best workshop I’ve ever been to!” — Sue